Great value, enterprise class ERP & CRM software

For businesses of all shapes & sizes

Give your company the power of “big business” ERP & CRM software at a price that the smallest start-up can afford

Vanqor Business Suite

Combining Vanqor’s offerings in ERP and CRM software and database technology, the Business Suite is an easy to use, plug ‘n play cloud based software system that does everything that each department in your business needs it to, without costing the earth.

Vanqor ERP

We’ll integrate your existing systems and email platform with our ERP software to provide a seamless experience for you to manage documents, processes and workflows with ease.

Vanqor CRM

Give sales, marketing and customer support the best possible tools to deliver the ultimate customer experience for your brand with our CRM software.


All Vanqor ERP, CRM & database software has been evolved from our proprietary bespoke enterprise solutions, which are currently used by many national governments and global PLCs. So when you buy Vanqor, you buy the best quality ERP or CRM solution available to your business.

…at a price that the smallest start-up can afford.

Every Vanqor ERP, CRM & database product has been designed to flex and provide the perfect fit to your unique business size and requirements. This is how we manage to combine enterprise class with best value pricing for businesses of any size and type.

Choose a system that everyone will enjoy using.

We hate anything cluttered or confusing. That’s why our products offer the most intuitive user experience possible. And they’re so simple to implement and adopt that every department will thank you for choosing them.


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