Vanqor Business Suite

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Imagine one easy to use, plug ‘n play cloud based software system that does everything that each department in your business needs it to, without costing the earth. Now, stop dreaming. Vanqor Business Suite is that system.


Manage every aspect of your customer experience in one place; sales, marketing and customer service combined.

Customer Relationship Management

Enhances the customer experience at every touch point.

Inbound marketing

Manages all your inbound channels, campaigns and communications in one comprehensively measured environment.

Knowledge Management

Facilitates learning and growth through shared and retained business knowledge.

Order Management

Keeps track of all your paperwork whilst lightening the administrative load on the user.

Support Help Desk

Allows you to outsource your internal or external helpdesk functions using the same quality service we use for our own support.


Complete connectivity and efficiency for every team or department, adapted to your particular way of working.

Contract Management

Comprehensively manages documentation and workflow end-to-end.


Controls and manages every aspect of finance in one place.

Human Resources

Supports and enables every aspect of hiring and managing employees.


Ensures suppliers are tightly managed and budgets optimised.


Allows complete control and monitoring of adherence to quality metrics and processes.

Risk Management

Easily identifies key risk drivers and create necessary controls.

Included with ERP & CRM

Document Control

Caters to projects where authorisation & task management are key to efficient delivery.

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Allows the easy construction of sales and marketing emails, utilising pre-set templates and your own current email client if required.

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Information Sharing

Facilitates cooperation & partnering throughout the supply chain. News and events, contact us, live chat.

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Process Management

Provides best practice department workflows & maps existing ones exactly.

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