Contract Management

Comprehensively manages documentation and workflow end-to-end.


Imagine drafting new agreements quickly, easily and comprehensively. Imagine automating your contract management so you never miss a key date. Now stop imagining and start using Vanqor Business Suite.

The contract management module of Vanqor Business Suite has been tried and tested on some of the most complex and heavily regulated industries in the world. So you know you’re making the right choice.

Manage all contract documents, communications and processes in one place, whilst enjoying total integration with all other business teams and functions.

Key Features

New Contract Drafting

Choose from a range of templates, pre populated with the most common clauses, get reminders on any elements that have previously been forgotten, customised or or omitted, then automate the management of the entire contract drafting workflow, including inputs and approvals from other teams.

Negotiation Management

Automated tracking and storage of all contract negotiation communications, including calls and emails, document storage and version tracking and a full workflow management including automated reminders and escalations where action is due but not taken.

Contract Implementation

Final signed agreements and accompanying correspondence can be securely saved and stored, whilst implementation workflows are triggered with actions being sent automatically to various individuals and teams to get the ball rolling on your latest project.

Contract Management

Never miss a key date again. Automated reminders can be attached to any element of a contract, ensuring that contracts are renewed before expiry, key deliverable dates are flagged well in advance or service terms are surfaced and workflows attached so they are met.

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