Customer Relationship Management

Enhances the customer experience at every touch point.


Let your sales team do what they do best; sell. Reduce the time they spend organising contacts and communications, enhance your sales process with templates, automations and reminders and reduce the admin burden.

Customer services benefit too, with instant access to all customer records, communications and contact information at the touch of a button, plus integration with chat and knowledge base functions.

Create deep feeling of brand loyalty by delivering the ultimate in personalised customer experience. Leave your customers feeling completely cared for at every step, so they’re more likely to spread the word and buy from you again.

Key Features

A Simpler Sell

Fresh leads, screened and categorised arrive automatically from marketing. Your calls and emails are scheduled, reminded and stored for you. Your emails and documents templated to reduce your workload. Awesome reporting makes managers’ jobs easier. Quite simply, more time selling means more stuff sold.

Post-Purchase Perfection

Orders received trigger automated workflows for approvals or fulfilment, eliminating admin for the sale person and ensuring consistent, timely inputs for those in receipt. Pass special orders, queries etc. to other individuals or teams at the click of a button and more.

Sensational Support

Make handling customer queries a breeze. Our CRM module gives you every possible piece of information on every customer from orders to communications with anyone in your business to full contact details. Integration with your help centre and chat functions make delivering world class customer support even easier.

Total Business Integration

Sales and Customer Service are the public facing front line of any business and it can feel pretty exposed out there. Our CRM module is completely integrated with all other functions, allowing you to allocate tasks and set deadlines for any individual or team in the organisation, as well as keeping tabs on their actions.

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