Document Control

Caters to projects where authorisation & task management are key to efficient delivery.


Put an end to combing through your inbox in search of a document or nagging other team members to file things in the right place. Document control is a super smart system that allows you to automatically store your documents, so nothing ever goes missing again.

Document control is also an amazing resource for drafting new documents, providing templates, suggestions and more. Far from being an isolated library, documents can be attached to workflows so they are immediately to hand when you need them.

In addition to this incredible creation and storage facility, you can also link document control with process management and communications modules, allowing your documents to have tasks attached to them, owners and even email templates set up and ready to go when the reminder is triggered.

Key Features

Document Creation

Cut down the time you spend drafting new documents with the document control module. Create templates with common content, attach necessary actions, reminders and suggestions to ensure accurate drafting and attach to likely accompanying communications.

Document Actions & Workflows

Receiving a contract in or a sales order is usually the start of a multi-step manual process of distribution and communication to other functions. With Vanqor Business Suite, you can automate every part of this and allow the flexibility to customise the process as required e.g. adding notes about special orders or contract terms.

Document Storage

It’s a rare individual that remembers to store and correctly categorise every email attachment they receive. Luckily Document Control does the hard work for you, automatically storing incoming and outgoing documents and adding smart tags to enable easy location of the file.

Total Integration Across Functions

Documents rarely sit with one individual for their entire lifespan. Vanqor Business Suite integrates every individual end team within a business, allowing endless combinations of document contributors, reviewers and recipients, plus associated workflows, communications, reminders etc.

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