Allows the easy construction of sales, marketing and business emails, utilising pre-set templates and your own current email client if required.


Like it or loathe it, email is the primary tool for business correspondence and using it effectively is as essential as breathing if your business is to function properly and grow to its full potential.

Our email module is supremely flexible, allowing every function to easily create, customise and send emails either internally or externally with full tracking and reporting functionality.

Users can leverage function or task specific templates that cut down the time they take to draft a message whilst allowing for complete customisation. Email integrates with process management, allowing emails to become part of defined workflows, with defined owners, reminders and escalations.

Key Features

Send Great Email

Not everyone is a natural born wordsmith, but with email templates built into your system, anyone can quickly and easily create and send professional business communications regardless of their level of experience or English.

Never Lose An Email

Every email is automatically tied to the contacts sending and receiving it, the workflow it is part of and any attached or related documents. This makes it basically impossible to lose one and definitely reduces those hours of inbox combing to virtually nil.

Never Forget An Email

No one enjoys that sinking feeling when you realise you forgot to send an important email. Make that stomach flipping feeling a thing of the past with our robust system of reminders and escalations that’ll ensure you never forget to hit send again.

Super Flexible Integreations

Like the sound of our email module but kind of attached to your existing email client or marketing system? No worries. Our email module is built to be insanely flexible, integrating with pretty much any programme on the planet. So you can keep your old favourite and enjoy our new tool too.

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