Controls and manages every aspect of finance in one place.


Finance is a hugely diverse discipline with myriad processes and specialist tasks. It’s also one of the most heavily regulated and scrutinised areas of any business. We’ve created a module that takes all of that into account, allowing for stringent process management and super flexible systems to perfectly match the way you work.

From tax to treasury, our finance module offers you the option to create bespoke processes and workflows, each with smart task allocation to an individual or team, reminders and escalations.

Each process can be enriched with associated documents, contacts and communications, including pre-set templates for documents and emails to save time and improve accuracy.

Key Features

End-to-End Control

Define an unlimited number of different processes and workflows, triggered manually or by other actions within the system, for example the creation of a sales order. Each step of the process can be allocated to an individual or team, have reminders and deadlines attached and have escalations to other teams or individuals in the case of inaction.

Never Miss A Trick

Best-in-class reporting with easily digestible, customisable dashboards allow for total transparency at the touch of a button. Deep dive into a robust paper trail for any and every interaction a customer, contractor or vendor has with your business. Give managers something to smile about, enhance business communication and make your next audit a breeze.

Better Documents & Emails

Not only does the finance module allow for automatic capture of all incoming or outgoing documents and emails, it helps you draft them more quickly and effectively in the first place. Leverage the templated function to provide sample content, build in mandatories, suggestions, tips and reminders so the user receives help akin to sitting with a senior manager.

Complete Business Connectivity

A huge part of the life of the finance department involves other people and teams, so you need a system that supports effective business communication. Rather than having to waste valuable hours manually checking, chasing and reporting to other functions, allow the system to do the heavy lifting for you with automated communications, reminders and escalations.

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