Inbound marketing

Manages all your inbound channels, campaigns and communications in one comprehensively measured environment.


There are some seriously good inbound marketing systems out there. They inspired us to build our own and take it one step further, integrating it with all the other systems within the business. What does that mean?

Automatically pass screened and graded leads to sales, manage marketing expenses directly with finance and procurement, let customer services see your emails to a particular customer in a couple of clicks and with no input from you.

In addition to all this cuddly and convenient integration stuff, the inbound marketing tool supports best-in-class inbound marketing and marketing automation, with technology to rival industry leaders at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features

Any Channel, Any System

In short, manage all your marketing channels from one place and either choose to use our tools to do it, or take advantage of our super flexible integration capability to pull all your current favourites into one place.

Measure Everything

User-friendly dashboards provide easy at-a-glance overviews of literally any aspect of marketing. Design your own bespoke views and reports, set up auto-generated reports and emails to make management communications super simple.

Automate Anything

If it can be automated, then you can automate it within the inbound marketing module of Vanqor Business Suite; from advanced inbound marketing workflows, emails and social posts, to sending a lead report to your sales manager every Friday.

Grease The Wheels

Collaboration with IT, sales, customer service and finance are essential parts of most marketers’ working lives. Manage those relationships more effectively with allocated tasks, deadlines, reminders and escalations.

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