Information Sharing

Make your website talk to our systems, enhance sharing and communication with customers and staff.


We offer an open API that allows you to get your website talking to the relevant bits of our system, sending data to critical areas such as the inbound marketing and CRM modules. Use your own dev team or we can lend you ours, whatever you prefer.

In addition, this means you can use our News, Events, Knowledge Base and Chat tools to enhance your online customer experience and internal business communications.

Whether you need to get colleagues collaborating or customers accessing self-serve support channels, we can facilitate that for you. We can also connect this activity with internal workflows and reporting.

Key Features

Increase Internal Sharing & Collaboration

Get colleagues chatting, sharing and collaborating with our great tools that allow them to share news and learning resources, live chat, self-serve training and support through a knowledge base or even hold internal events. The best bit is that none of what’s shared is lost, it’s all automatically captured.

Serve Your Customer Better

Enhance your external communications with our “News” and “Events” modules, offer chat as a customer support option that’s growing in popularity and adoption or populate great self serve resources into our knowledge base and surface it outside the business.

Our Place, Or Yours

We love Dev! And we love other Devs. So whether it’s opening our doors to your in-house geniuses via our API or getting our best brains to work with yours to achieve the perfect result, just ask. There’s no set dividing line, just what want to do and what you want us to do, it’s up to you.

Integration, Integration, Integration

Whether it’s triggering a workflow as a result of an online chat with a customer or adding an internal news article asa reference for a document template, there’s very little you can’t do to make each of these functions work seamlessly with the rest of the Vanqor Business Suite.

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