Knowledge Management

Facilitates learning and growth through shared and retained business knowledge.


Knowledge management and retention is a critical area of improvement for most businesses and they all face the same challenges; losing key staff, existing staff not storing knowledge effectively and employees not being able to easily access the knowledge that exists. We aim to tackle all of these problems through automated storage and effective process management.

Imagine being able to store not just “important” documents, but informal chats, emails, calls and more, all automatically and all categorised for easy reference by the processes, contacts etc. they are associated with.

Usually losing a lead employee means losing a good portion of their knowledge and experience. With Vanqor Business Suite, every employee leaves a detailed digital footprint of their working life, so you lose far less of the knowledge they contributed.

Key Features

Complete Communications

Phone calls, emails and chats with customers are all stored against that contact record, negating the need for briefing calls and emails between functions to catch up on what’s been said and allowing for easy reference to any customer, contractor or vendor’s communications history in future.

Capture Internal Sharing

Employees are great at saving and sharing top tier resources such as training materials, but they very rarely do the same with more common knowledge vehicles such as live chat conversations or emails. Vanqor Business Suite can automate the saving of these kinds of resources and make them easily discoverable.

Smart Knowledge Architecture

Every piece of knowledge captured will have automatic associations with contacts, customer accounts and workflows, allowing you to easily pick up the thread of what’s happening, get context, search for similar or get a transparent view of the entire paper trail in just a few clicks.

Use What You Capture

Any knowledge vessel, be that a shared article, an email or a document can be attached to relevant workflows for future reference. So for example, if you want your marketers to review a best practice checklist before they send out an email, you can build that into the email creation workflow.

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