Order Management

Keeps track of all your paperwork whilst lightening the administrative load for everyone.


Everyone loves the excitement of receiving new sales orders. They’re the lifeblood of any business. But normally receiving the order is just the beginning of a long chain of manual steps in an administrative process. What if you could get rid of all that manual work and remembering? Now you can.

The order management module allows you to create detailed automated workflows, triggered by the receipt of the order. These workflows provide automated prompts to everyone involved in order approval and fulfilment.

The order management module makes it easier for employees to fulfil orders and provides a better customer experience by virtually eliminating the possibility for omissions or errors.

Key Features

All Your Communications In One Place

Whether it’s emails, calls, online chats or documents, any communications relating to an order are automatically stored in the system and associated with that order for easy reference. So you have a robust paper trail and eliminate the need for frantic rummaging through your inbox.

Task Allocation, Reminders & Escalations

When you build your order management process in the system you can allocate tasks to individuals or teams, set deadlines and reminders around each task and even escalate the task to other individuals or teams if it doesn’t complete within the prescribed time frame. Nothing forgotten, no mistakes.

Complete Flexibility To Match Your Processes

The workflow tool is completely flexible and can match any process or way of working. It goes beyond just mirroring your existing processes, allowing you to see how to improve them or create multiple variants of each process for different situations or order types.

Awesome Reporting

Our reporting module allows you to slice and dice your order data any way you like. You can also pull data on order management processes, allowing you to see which areas could improve. Our user friendly dashboards and automated report sending allow easy comprehension and sharing of reports.

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