Process Management

Provides best practice department workflows & maps existing ones exactly.


Imagine an environment that would allow you end to end process management, the freedom to innovate, test and evolve processes within the system and the flexibility to fit perfectly with your existing ways of working. Now stop imagining and start doing it, with Vanqor.

Create process management workflows that are an exact match to your current processes and company. Implement a host of different checks and balances, from reminders to escalations and re-allocation of incomplete tasks to wider teams.

Vanqor’s process management module offers a unique blend of total control, total freedom and total flexibility.

Key Features

Allocate tasks to people or teams

When you create your workflows, you will have the freedom to allocate any task in the workflow to a specific individual or a defined team within the system. This increases your process flexibility and enables you to build in contingencies for when specific people are absent.

Add timings,reminders and escalations

Set defined time periods for tasks, choose automated reminders for task owners and then set automated escalations of tasks to other users or teams when no action is taken by the cast owner. You can create a net of checks and balances that ensures nothing gets forgotten.

Fuse processes with contacts, communications and documents

Imagine, the process calls for an email to be sent to a contact with a specific document attached. The system can link a template email and the document to the process, simplifying things for the task owner. It can also then track the actual document creation and email sending to the correct contact for this particular instance of the process.

Customisable to any function

The process management module is so open and flexible that it can be tailored to any process, from any function, no matter how specialised. A good example of this is quality assurance and control. The processes here are highly individualised, complex and regulated per industry and they can be accurately reflected and managed in the system

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