Ensures suppliers are tightly managed and budgets optimised.


Imagine a best in class procurement management system, but with the added ben edit of being completely interconnected with every other aspect of the business. So, rather than manually entering requisitions and then creating a PO from scratch, the whole process is automated and templated, just requiring your expert eye and finishing touches.

This complete connectivity goes further than process automation. It automatically captures all communications and documents associated with particular suppliers, so you can easily reference what has been discussed and agreed by anyone in the business.

You can manage everyone involved in the procurement process automatically, using a system of task allocation to individuals or teams, complete with reminders, deadlines and even escalations to others in the case of inaction.

Key Features

Communications Capture

Never go rummaging through your inbox or chasing colleagues for copies of communications again. All phone calls, online chats and emails are captured by Business Suite and automatically associated with the contacts and processes involved, saving you time re-tracing the paper trail on any discussion.

Document Control

Document templates feature common content, as well as tips, relevant resources and reminders to enable them to be completed quickly and properly. Incoming and outgoing documents attached to emails are automatically captured and stored against their contacts and tasks.

Process Management

Never chase a colleague again. Every individual and team in your procurement process can be allocated tasks, given deadlines, sent reminders and have their tasks escalated to managers or the wider team when they aren’t completed on time. Reduce your workload and stress levels!

Exceptional Reporting

If the data exists within the system (and let’s face it, it probably does) then you can pull a report on it. Set up bespoke reports for yourself or your team, automatically generate and send them to individuals or teams at set intervals or when a specific thing happens. If you want a report on it, you’ve got it.

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