Risk Management

Easily identifies key risk drivers and create necessary controls.


Creating and maintaining your company’s risk register can be a time consuming and painstaking task. Which is why we designed a module specifically to help with risk management, leveraging the wealth of connected data offered by the rest of the Business Suite.

The risk management module allows you to easily rate risks, create controls, allocate responsibility to specific people and teams and then provide a series of process checks and controls to ensure that those responsibilities are being met.

One of the strongest aspects of the risk management module is the reporting functionality, which allows you to easily create bespoke reports on any data set, automatically generate them and share them with others.

Key Features

Identify & Rate Risks

Data is key to the correct identification and rating of business risks, so the interconnectivity and data storage facilities of the Business Suite are your best friend when it comes to these tasks. Once you have identified a risk, it is the work of moments to create it in the system and rate it based on the data you have found.

Create Controls & Allocate Responsibility

Create controls for each risk within the module and then design an accompanying process, featuring individual tasks and steps that you can allocate to any individual or team across the business. The processes capture all associated communications, so you can always see exactly what has happened.

Automate Process Management

Don’t waste time checking up on those responsible for managing a particular risk. Simply set up a bespoke process that allocates specific tasks to individuals or teams, provides timelines, reminders and even escalations or alerts back to you if those deadlines are not met and responsibilities are unfulfilled.

Detailed Bespoke Reporting

Generate gross and net risk reports at the touch of a button. Pull bespoke data sets to allow you to easily identify and monitor business risks. User friendly dashboard and automated report sharing facilitated better communication with the rest of the business.

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