Support Help Desk

Allows you to outsource your internal or external helpdesk functions using the same quality service we use for our own support.


Use our chat functionality on your website and internally to facilitate customer and employee support, or internal collaborations.

Use our Knowledge Base tool to build out learning resources for self-serve support, either for your customers, your staff or both.

Implement our fantastic Help Desk system to ensure accurate ticketing and processing of support queries, either to IT internally or to product teams from customers.

Key Features


The popularity of online chat support has grown hugely over the last few years, becoming almost ubiquitous and expected by today’s consumer. Our chat tool allows you to deliver this functionality within Business Suite, so all communications are automatically logged against centra customer, order and process records.

Knowledge Base

Empower your customers and staff with self-serve support. Handle FAQs and common issues with a well architected suite of help materials. Users can easily search for their issue, access resources in a variety of different media formats and access other support channels such as the help desk and chat if their issue persists.

Help Desk

Never lose track of a support query again. Our help desk tool has a robust ticket management system that allows users to easily log, categorise, prioritise and manage support queries, allowing them to work more effectively and divert more resources to critical issues.

Total Integration

The support module doesn’t just work in isolation, it integrates with the rest of the Business Suite, so sales can see what support tickets a customer has raised to provide context for their next call or managers can attach helpful knowledge base resources to other business processes to help their teams work more efficiently.

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